Country Course on Labour Accounts

14-18 October 2019 | Perak, Malaysia


The main objective of this course is to develop the knowledge and skills of participants on the compilation of labour accounts. Australian labour accounts and issues that are encountered during compilation will be used as a case study. Malaysia’s data will be used as an exercise on the compilation of labour accounts for one of the quadrants.
Concept Note
Daily Programme

Module 1. Labour Accounts

• Background, sources and methodologies in Labour Statistics
• What is a Labour Account?
• Importance of integrated framework


Introducing Labour Accounts


Labour Account –Module 1

Module 2. ILO and SNA Approaches

• ILO and SNA approaches in definition of employment
• General Aspects in Labour Accounts and Decent Work Indicators
• Two approaches used in compilation of Labour Accounts


Labour Account –General Aspects1

Module 3. Group Exercise

• Purpose and Uses of Labour Accounts
• Example of Australian uses of a Labour Accounts


Labour Account –Module 3


Labour Account –Work group Exercise

Module 4. Integration Process with case studies

First Step: Definition of the model and of the identity equations


Second Step: Harmonization of definitions and classifications in source statistics, achievement of full coverage


Third Step: Minimization of measurement errors; Fourth Step: Balancing

Module 5. Case Study: Australia

Australian Labour accounts framework and concepts


Australian Labour Accounts sources and methodologies • Difficulties encountered during compilation • Discussion

Module 6. Practical exercise

First & Second Steps


Steps to be taken in the integration process in Malaysia

Module 7. Present outcomes from previous day’s session

Balancing approach


Balancing a Labour Account an Australian example

Module 8

The Plan