Fourth Regional Course/Workshop on Statistical Quality Management and Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics:

Topic: Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics

[Daejeon, Republic of Korea, 21 - 25 September 2009]

Workshps Materials

Interpretation of the FPOS and summary of application status of FPOS in the countries of Asia and the Pacific region


Sessions on FP 1-3: Relevance, Imparity and Equal Access; Professional Standards and Ethics; Accountability and Transparency

FP 4-5: Prevension of Misuse; Source of Official Statistics pdf
FP 6-8: Confidentiality; Legislation; National Coordination pdf
FP 9-10: Use of International Standards; International Cooperation pdf
Globalization, Crisis and Mitigation in the Asia Pacific pdf
Introduction to the ‘Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific2009’: What are the statistical information needs? pdf

Poverty, Unemployment and Income: Focus on the South East Asian Region

Summary and conclusions pdf