Regional Workshop on Improving Use of Administrative Data in Production of Official Statistics: Role of Statistical Register Systems

[Face-to-Face Module: 12-16 September 2015, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran]


The main objective of the course is to improve technical capacity of national statistical systems (NSSs) of the region to produce official statistics from integrated statistical registers. The course will also provide a platform to share knowledge and demonstrate good practices in developing statistical registers from administrative registers.

Concept Note


Workshps Materials

DailyProgramme (pdf)

Session1.1- What is a statistical register system (SRS)?

Session 1.1: Statistical Register Systems‐ Basic characteristics & Roles


Session 1.2- How to structure and create a SRS?

Session1.2: An overview of models for register systems


Session1.2: I. R. IRAN’s National Project on Building a Comprehensive Statistical Registers System


Session 1.3- A regional perspective; problems and solutions

Session 2.1- An overview of SBR (sources, roles and uses)

Session2.1: An introduction to statistical business registers


Session 2.2 - SBR units and coverage

Session2.2: Units for establishing statistical business registers


Session 2.3- Building and maintenance of SBR

Session 2.4- Integrating SBR in a register system: Problem-solution analysis

Session 3.1- Types of property registers

Session 3.2- Role of address files in creating property registers

Session 3.3- Integrating property registers in a register system

Session 4.1- How to link base registers in a statistical register system?

Session 4.2 - Technical challenges faced by NSO in integrating base registers

Session4.2: Technical Challenges Faced by SCI in Integrating Base Register


Session 5.1- Problem solution analysis

Session 5.3- Prioritization of activities

Country Reports & Country Presentations