Business statistics

Workshop on Statistical Business Registers for Developing Countries

[7 to 11 November 2016 | Chiba, Japan]

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Regional Course on Statistical Business Registers: Making a Business Case for an Operational Statistical Business Register

[26 – 30 January 2015 , Perak, Malaysia]

This regional course aims to provide a platform for demonstrating good practices and exchanging experiences in dealing with challenges and issues in the development, maintenance and use of statistical business registers (SBRs) and for developing a business case for supporting an operational SBR suitable to national contexts.

Concept Note

Regional Workshop on Improving Use of Administrative Data in Production of Official Statistics: Role of Statistical Register Systems
The workshop will provide opportunities for the participants to learn from advanced statistical systems about how statistical register systems are constructed, how linking between different base registers are created and how official statistics are produced from statistical registers.

[E-learning Module (Online): 24-30 August 2015]
[Face-to-Face Module: 12-16 September 2015, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran] 

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