Tentative SIAP calendar for meeting and training programmes
(1 January to 31 December 2019)

As of 2 October 2019
Title of Training Programme and Activities
January 2019
28 January - 8 March Training Programme on Innovations in Use of New Data Sources and Methodologies for SDG Statistics Chiba, Japan
April 2019
15 - 19 April  Regional Training Course on Big Data for Sustainable Development Daejon, Republic of Korea
May 2019
1 May - 14 June e-Learning Course on Official Statistics for SDGs On-line
13 - 15 May Workshop on Quality of Statistics for SDG Indicators Chiba, Japan
June 2019
3 June – 12 July Second Statistical Analysis of Disaggregated SDG Indicators for Inclusive Development Policies Chiba, Japan
17 - 18 June Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers Chiba, Japan
July 2019
1 - 31 July e-Learning course on Fisheries and Aquaculture Statistics Online
August 2019
19 August - 29 November Second Group Training Programme on Theory and Practices in Offical Statistics for Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Chiba, Japan
September 2019
2 - 6 September Training Programme on Environment Statistics and the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for SDGs Chiba, Japan
2 - 30 September Twelfth Basic-level e-learning Course on System of National Accounts (2008 SNA): Integrated Transaction Accounts Online
10 - 12 September Third Statistical Leadership Training and Innovation Seminar for Head of National Statistical Offices Chiba, Japan
30 September – 4 October Regional Course on SDGs Indicators: Measuring decent work using microdata from labour force surveys Chiba, Japan
October 2019
14-18 October Country Course on Population and Housing Censuses: International Recommendations and Use of Emerging Technologies and Methodologies Perak, Malaysia
14-18 October Country Course on Labour Accounts Perak, Malaysia
21 -24 October Regional Capacity Development Workshop on Farm Survey Based SDG Indicators Chiba, Japan
November 2019
1 - 29 November Second e-Learning course on Poverty Statistics for SDGs Online
6 - 8 November Data Visualization Training Chiba, Japan
11 - 15 November Sixth Regional Training Course on the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) and Advanced Data Planning Tool (ADAPT) Chiba, Japan
18 - 22 November Regional Training Course on Monitoring the SDGs from Gender Perspectives Daejeon, Republic of Korea
December 2019
9 - 10 December Fifteenth Session of SIAP Governing Council Chiba, Japan
10 December Network meeting Chiba, Japan
11-12 December Fourteenth Management Seminar for the Heads of National Statistical Offices in Asia and the Pacific Chiba, Japan
13 December Seminar on Ulilization of ICT for Official Statistics Chiba, Japan