Tentative SIAP calendar for meeting and training programmes
(1 January to 31 December 2020)

As of 6 January 2020
Title of Training Programme and Activities
20 - 24 January Regional Course on Supply and Use Tables Chiba, Japan
17 - 21 February  Regional Training of Trainers on the Curriculum on Gender Statistics for Monitoring the SDGs Chiba, Japan
23 - 27 March Regional Course on User Engagement for SDG Chiba, japan
30 March - 3 April Sub-regional Training Course on Gender Statistics for the Pacific countries Canberra, Australia
March e-Learning Course on Health Statistics Online
20 - 24 April Regional Course on Education Statistics (SDG4) Daejeon, Republic of Korea
25 - 29 May Regional Training Course on Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics Daejeon, Republic of Korea
May e-Learning Course on Official Statistics for SDGs Online
22 - 26 June Regional Training Course on Thematic Areas of Gender Statistics Chiba, Japan
July e-Learning Course on SEEA Online
11 August - 20 November Regional Training Course on related to Monitoring of SDGs Chiba, Japan
September e-Learning Course on Economic Statistics Online
October Regional Training Course on Data Visualization Chiba, Japan
October Sub-regional Training Course on Gender Statistics for the Countries in Central Asia  
November eLearning Course on Statistics Using ICT Online
November Seventh Regional Training Course on the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) Chiba, Japan
30 November - 1 December The sixteenth session of SIAP Governing Council Chiba, Japan
1 December The Sixth Meeting of Network for the Coordination of Statistical Training in Asia and the Pacific Chiba, Japan
2 December Fiftieth Anniversary Ceremony of SIAP Tokyo, Japan
2 - 4 December Special Golden Jubilee Seminar Tokyo, Japan
December eLearning Course on National Accounts in Russain Online