Upcoming e-Learning Course

9 May - 5 June 2018 | Online
e-Learning course on Introduction to Official Statistics

This e-Learning course introduces participants to the principles, systems and processes involved in the production of official statistics, both nation-ally and internationally. The focus of the course in on the big ideas that underpin official statisticians’ work, rather than on statistical theory and methods.
21 May - 14 June 2018 | Online
e-Learning course on Food balance sheet

This is an e-learning course, will cover topics on Food Balance Sheet (FBS), relating to
 Basic concepts and main uses related to FBS
 Process for compiling FBS, in particular, how to collect the necessary information, fill the supply and utilization account, standardize and aggregate the estimates and apply various balancing and imputation of missing data methods
 Compile FBS and derive per capita estimates using the recommended and alternative approaches

Objective: Improve the capacity of countries to adopt cost-effective and reliable methods for producing minimum set of agricultural and rural statistics
July 2018 | Online
e-Learning course on R for Official Statistics
August 2018 | Online
12th Basic-level e-learning Course on System of National Accounts (2008 SNA): Integrated Transaction Accounts
September 2018 | Online
Second E-learning Course on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Central Framework
October 2018 | Online
10th Intermediate-level e-learning Course on System of National Accounts (SNA): Integrated Transaction Account
World Bank Offers Open On-line Courses on Gender Statistics [22 February to 25 March 2016]
Whether you are a statistician, or a user of statistics who aim to influence the process of gender statistics collection, analysis and use, you can benefit from these two online courses offered on a newly launched Open Learning Campus (OLC) platform of the World Bank Group:

-   Gender Equality and Development – Overview (Self-paced)
-   Gender-informed Statistics (Facilitated)
Note: In order to take the facilitated course, you need to first complete the self-paced course

Population and Housing Censuses with Agricultural Censuses

Open online course on linking population and housing census is now available. This course has been developed as part of the training component of the "Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics". The course is based on the Guidelines for Linking Population and Housing Censuses with Agricultural Censuses, prepared jointly by FAO and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The aim of the course is to provide practical guidance for implementing a cost-effective census strategy by coordinating the population and housing census with the agricultural census.
The course is open to all and is self-paced.
To register and for more information, go to: http://www.fao.org/elearning/#/elc/en/course/STAT