Regional Workshop on Gender Statistics and SDG Indicators 5.a.1 and 5.a.2

10 - 13 December 2018, Bangkok, Thailand


The objective of this training is to raise awareness and build technical capacity of national experts in Asia and the Pacific in terms of the importance and uses of sex-disaggregated statistics in agriculture, and for compilation, use and reporting of SDG indicators 5.a.1 and 5.a.2. The three main expected outputs of the regional training workshop are:
1. Output 1: Build awareness and technical capacity of national experts in understanding the role and uses of sex-disaggregated agricultural and rural statistics, and the challenges in their data collection to ensure accuracy.
2. Output 2: Build technical capacity of national experts to compile SDG indicators 5.a.1 and 5.a.2, undertake the underlying data collection, and ensure use of these indicators in monitoring and reporting on progress towards Goal 5.
3. Output 3: Facilitate the sharing of experiences, good practices and lessons learned among participants, in particular from countries who have piloted and/or implemented the guidelines and methodology for SDG indicators 5.a.1 and 5.a.2, and understand how use of these indicators can motivate important policy and legal reforms.
Concept Note
Workshop Agenda
Session 1: WHY do we need gender data:  

Sex-disaggregated and gender-specific indicators in national agricultural surveys

The SDG Tarhet 5.a Indicators  
Introduction to methodology and key rules for reporting  
The EDGE project guidelines  
Definition of key terms and concepts (Indicator 5.a.1)  
Proxy conditions for indicator 5.a.1  
Overview of Proxy A – Joint Registration (Indicator 5.a.2)  
Data collection strategies (part 1): data sources, identification of agricultural households, respondent selection. (indicator 5.a.1)  
Overview of Proxy B – Spousal Consent (Indicator 5.a.2)  
Data collection strategies (part 2): collecting the minimum set of data, individual level module, parcel level modules, additional data, frequency and customization. (indicator 5.a.1)  
Overview of Proxy C - Inheritance (Indicator 5.a.2)  
Harmonization with indicator 1.4.2  
Overview of Proxy D - Funding (indicator 5.a.1)