SDG Indicators under FAO Custodianship

[26-30 November 2018| Chiba, Japan


The objective of this workshop is to build the technical capacity of the target audience to compile the SDG indicators under FAO custodianship and report them at national and international levels. In particular, after the workshop the target audience is expected to have a clear understanding on:
• FAO’s role on SDG monitoring and implementation at regional and national level;
• Methodology for the compilation of the of 21 indicators under FAO custodianship;
• National data sources to be used to generate the SDG indicators under FAO custodianship;
• Procedures for reporting SDG data to FAO for their global dissemination.
Concept Note
Reference Materials
 Overview of SDG indicator framework and FAO’s work on SDG indicators  pdf
 Overview of SDG Indicators with FAO as partner agency  pdf
 Overview of Data Sources for SDG indicators under FAO custodianship  pdf
 Statistical Capacity Assessment For the FAO – Relevant SDG Indicators  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.а.1: The agriculture orientation index for government expenditures  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.с.1: Food price anomalies  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.1.1: Prevalence of undernourishment  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.1.2: Prevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity in the population (FIES)  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.3.1: Labour productivity of small-scale food producers
 SDG Indicator 2.3.2: Income of small-scale food producers
 SDG Indicator 2.4.1: Proportion of agricultural area under productive and sustainable agriculture  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.5.1: Number of plant and animal genetic resources for food and agriculture secured in medium or long term conservation facilities  pdf
 SDG Indicator 2.5.2: Proportion of local breeds, classified as being at risk, not-at-risk or unknown level of risk of extinction  pdf
 SDG Indicator 5.а.1: Women’s ownership rights over agricultural land  pdf
 SDG Indicator 5.а.2: Legal framework (including customary law) guaranteeing women’s equal rights to land ownership and/or control  pdf
 SDG Indicator 6.4.2: Level of water stress  pdf
 SDG Indicator 6.4.1: Change in water use efficiency over time  pdf
 SDG Indicator 12.3.1: Global food loss index  pdf
  Integrated Agricultural Survey – Frame and Survey design  pdf
 SDG Indicator 14.b.1: Degree of application of a legal/regulatory/policy/institutional framework which recognizes and protects access rights for small-scale fisheries  pdf
 SDG Indicator 14.6.1: Degree of implementation of international instruments aiming to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing  pdf
SDG  Indicator 14.7.1 - Sustainable fisheries as a proportion of GDP in small island developing States, least developed countries and all countries  pdf
 SDG Indicator 15.1.1: Forest area as a percentage of the total land area  pdf