Regional Training Workshop on the New Supply Utilization Account/Food Balance Sheet Methodology and Compilation Tool

[20 - 24 November 2017, Daejeon Republic of Korea ]


- Improve the capacity of countries to adopt cost-effective and reliable methods for producing minimum set of agricultural and rural statistics;
_ Improve the competencies of national statistical systems (NSS) to produce and disseminate a minimum set of agricultural and rural statistics in accordance with international standards and good practices through training and technical assistance.
Concept Note
Training Programme

Reference Materials

  Guidelines for the Compilation of Food Balance Sheets


  Session 1: Introduction to Food Security and Food Balance Sheets


  Session 2: FBS Methodological framework


  Session 3.0: Data for FBS compilation Overview Data Assessment and other preliminary considerations


  Session 3.1: FBS component – Production


  Session 3.2: FBS component – Trade (Imports and Exports)


  Session 3.3: FBS component – Stocks and stock changes


  Session 3.4: FBS component – Food availability


  Session 3.5: FBS component – Food processing


  Session 3.6: FBS component – Tourist food


  Session 3.7: FBS component – Feed


  Session 3.8: FBS component – Seed


  Session 3.9: FBS component – Loss


  Session 3.10: FBS component – Industrial Use


  Session 3.11: FBS component – Residual and other uses


  Session 3.12: FBS component – Additional parameters