Regional Training Course on Agricultural Cost of Production Statistics, Communication and Advocacy for Statistics

[26– 30 June 2017, Daejeon Republic of Korea ]


The training course is divided into two parts: (a) Agricultural Cost of Production Statistics and (b) Communication and Advocacy for Statistics.
The objective of the Agricultural Cost of Production Statistics component training is to strengthen the technical capacity of statistical producers (statistical offices and other institutions) to apply relevant international comparable methods and standards in the compilation of agricultural cost of production statistics by:
 Equipping participants with the knowledge and techniques to design data collection schemes for farm level data related to costs, farm structures etc. to meet the needs of various users;
 Increasing understanding of various types of costs related to agricultural operations and associated estimation methods.
The specific objectives of the Communication and Advocacy for Statistics component are to:
 Increase understanding of the communication and advocacy issues between the data producer and user that have an impact on the effective use of data for SDG monitoring, policy research and analysis and policy formulation and monitoring;
 Guide countries in developing a communication and advocacy strategy for promoting awareness of the role of agricultural and rural statistics for policy making and evaluation.
Concept Note
Training Programme

Reference Materials
Module 1: Global processes on SDG and FAO’s Role on Monitoring SDG’s related with Food and Agriculture

  Session 1.1: SDG Indicators related to Food and Agriculture


  Session 1.2: Food Security Indicators under SDG Goal 2: Prevalence of Undernourishment; Indicator 2.1.1


  Session 1.3: Food Insecurity Experience Scale-Indicator 2.1.2


  Session 1.5: Demonstration Work on tools for Monitoring Food Security (SDG 2) (Indicator 2.1.1)

Module 2: Country national statistical system

  Session 2.1: Republic of Korea Statistical System

Module 3: Key concepts of Agricultural Costs of Production

  Session 3.1: Dimensions of production costs, analytical units, indicators and statistical tables


  Session 3.2:Data collection Mechanisms: A review of survey approaches and methods

Module 4: Determination of cash, labour and land costs Session

  Session 4.1: Determination of cash costs


  Session 4.2: Estimation of cash, labour and land costs Functions

Module 5: Structure of Capital Costs

  Session 5.1:Different types of capital goods in agriculture and the estimation of capital costs


  Session 5.2: Determining the cost and revenues from agricultural production


  Session 5.4: Allocating pre-productive costs in multi-year enterprises

Module 6: Devising an advocacy, communication and dissemination strategy

  Session 6.1: Advocacy Issues, Goals


  Session 6.2 : Advocacy Capacity & Partners


  Session 6.3 : Developing messages, means of communications and dissemination

Country Presentations


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 pdf Fiji  pdf  India  pdf


 pdf Lao PDR  pdf  Maldives  pdf


 pdf Samoa  pdf  Solomon Islands  pdf

 Sri Lanka

 pdf Thailand  pdf  Vanuatu  pdf

 Viet Nam