Regional Training Course on Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) for Agricultural Surveys and Price Reporting

[3 – 7 October 2016, Bangkok, Thailand ]


This training course is designed to contribute to the following expected outputs of the Asia-Pacific Regional Action Plan of the Global Strategy :

• Increased ability of National Statistical System (NSS) to access and use ICT for production and dissemination of minimum set of agricultural and rural statistics;
• Improved capacity of countries to adopt cost-effective and reliable methods for producing a minimum set of agricultural and rural statistics.
  Concept Note
  Daily Programme

Reference Materials
Session 1:

 Introduction to CAPI, and Survey Solutions experience: Is CAPI right for this survey?

Session 2:

Overview of Training and Survey Solutions


Overview of Survey Solutions System and organization of training


Getting Started with the Questionnaire Designer and Tester

Session 3:

Basic Designer

Session 4:

Intermediate Survey Design Skills, and overview of advanced features  


Intermediate Survey Designer 1: Special Qs, Validation, and C#


Intermediate Survey Designer 2: Rosters, Nested Rosters, html tags, and piping


Overview of Advanced Features: Advanced designer features

Session 5:

Basic case management skills with HQ and Supervisor  


Introduction and case management with Admin, Headquarter, and Supervisor


Interviewer Application

Session 6:

Data Export and Tablet Management   


Data Export


Basic Tablet and Equipment Management


Server and Network Configurations

Country Experience

NSSO experience in using Survey Solutions for Agricultural Surveys

Islamic Republic of Iran

Use of CAPI in National Census of Agricultural


NSO experience with CAPI software and Survey Solutions in use of data collection and survey management technologies