Training Course on Communication and Advocacy for Agricultural and Rural Statistics

[27 June - 1 July 2016, Daejeon, Republic of Korea ]


This training-of-trainers course is designed to contribute to the following expected outputs of the Asia-Pacific Regional Action Plan of the Global Strategy:

• Improve political support by decision-makers for agricultural and rural statistics in terms of provision of budget and resources and
• Enhance capacity of national statistical systems to advocate for adequate resources for developing and compiling country-specific minimum set of agricultural and rural statistics on a sustainable basis.

Concept Note
Information Note for Participants
Training Programme

Reference Materials
Module 1 - Understanding the demand for and use of agriculture and rural statistics
Session 1.1:

 Role of Communication and Advocacy

Session 1.2:

Using statistics throughout the policy cycle

Session 1.3:

Identifying and describing users of statistics

Session 1.4:

Identifying the skills needed to use statistics

Module 2: - Building Statistical Literacy in Agricultural and Rural Statistics
Session 2.1:

Connecting user needs and statistical capabilities

Session 2.2:

Statistical illiteracy - the cost of being statistically illiterate on ARS

Session 2.3:

The competencies required for statistical literacy

Session 2.4:

Statistical literacy - How effective are data producers in building statistical literacy?

Module 3: - Devising an advocacy and communication strategy for ARS
Session 3.1:

Basics of the Policy Advocacy Process

Session 3.2:

Advocacy and Communication Strategy Plan Framework: Overview

Session 3.3:

Define the scope, opportunity and risks

Session 3.4:

Defining your advocacy goal and objectives

Session 3.5:

Identify target audiences

Session 3.6:

Identify key messages: what do you want each audience to hear?

Session 3.7:

Identify delivery channels: what forms of media will you use

Session 3.8:

Branding: Decide on logos, visual identity and theme

Session 3.9:

Roles and Responsibilities

Session 3.10:

Monitoring and Evaluation

Session 3.11:

Communications Action Plan

Session 3.12:

Communications Strategy completion


Session 4.1.Communication and Dissemination Workshops

Session 1

Communications strategy template

Session 2

Generic Statistical Capability Framework

Session 3

Designing a face-to-face event


GSARS Asia Pacific Communications Strategy


Competitive and Sustainable Agriculture and Fisheries Sector

Country papers
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Cambodia   pdf
Fiji   pdf
Indonesia   pdf
Lao People's Democratic   pdf
Maldives   pdf
Myanmar   pdf
Philippiens   pdf
Republic of Korea   pdf
Samoa   pdf
Sri Lanka   pdf
Thailand   pdf
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