Regional Course on Communication and Advocacy for Agricultural and Rural Statistics

[20 - 24 April 2015, Beijing, China ]


• Increasing understanding of the communication issues between the data producer and user that have an impact on the effective use of data for policy research and analysis and policy formulation and monitoring;
• Providing guidance in developing a business case and communication and advocacy strategy for promoting awareness of the role of agricultural and rural statistics for policy making and evaluation and increasing appreciation by policy makers and decision makers in government of the importance of allocating resources for quality agricultural and rural statistics; and
• Equipping participants with the knowledge and tools on effective presentation and dissemination of agricultural statistics techniques in order to maximize the chances of uptake by their intended users.
Concept Note

Course Materials
Module 1 - Why is an advocacy and communication strategy for improving agricultural and rural statistics (ARS) needed?
Session 1.1:

Advocacy, Policy and Policy Advocacy

Session 1.2:

Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics: An Advocacy Tool

Session 1.3:

Basics of the Policy Advocacy Process

Session 1.4:

In-depth Country Assessments (IdCA) and Strategic Plans for Agricultural and Rural Statistics (SPARS): Starting Point of Advocacy Process

Module 2: - Devising an Advocacy and Communication Strategy Plan for ARS
Session 2.1:

Overview of a 10-Part Advocacy and Communication Strategy Plan Framework

Session 2.2:

Part 1- Define the advocacy issues

Session 2.3:

Part 2- State the advocacy goals

Session 2.4:

Part 3- Identify who to advocate to (decision-makers and their influencers)

Session 2.5:

Part 4- Understand interests of target decision-makers

Session 2.6:

Part 5- Identify potential opposition and obstacles

Session 2.7:

Part 6- Assess advocacy capacity: assets and gaps

Session 2.8:

Part 7- Identify advocacy partners

Session 2.9:

Part 8- Communication and Advocacy

Session 2.9:

Part 8- Select tactics for achieving goals

Session 2.10:

Part 9- Develop messages and selecting means of communication

Session 2.11:

Part 10- Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan

Training resources : 10-Part Framework Workbook
Module 3: Assessing practices in communicating agricultural and rural statistics
Session 3.0:

Statistical Communication for Advocacy

Session 3.1:

Is statistical dissemination enough?

Session 3.2:

How effective are your methods of communicating agricultural and rural statistics?

Session 3.3:

How has your communication strategy built demand for agricultural and rural statistics?

Module 4: Putting it all together
Daily working sessions: Applying 10- part framework to country-specific contexts
Final session: Implementing the strategy: Identifying next 3 major actions>
Reference Materials
Country Presentations