Regional Workshop on Short-term Economic Indicators and Service Statistics to Support 2008 SNA Implementation

[25 – 27 September 2017 | Chiba, Japan


The The course is designed to enhance the capacity of participating countries to:
a) Apply best international practices for the production of service statistics;;
b) Develop practical tools and adopt effective methods to generate short term macro-economic indicators to provide timely information for policy monitoring.

SNA Workshop
    Concept Note
    Daily Programme
     List of Participants
Course Materials
 Module One : Short term economic indicators and related measures  
  Objectives of the course and levelling of expectations  ppt
   Regional programme for economic statistics in Asia and Pacific  ppt
   Issues in short term economic statistic  ppt
 Module Two : Compiling Service Sector Statistics  
   Compiling Service Sector Statistics-Outline of the Monthly Survey on Service Industries (MSSI)  ppt
   Country Presentation  
           QNA & SPI in China  pdf
           Service Industry Statistics in Hong Kong, China  pdf
           Services Statistics in the I.R. Iran  pdf
           Short Term Indicators of Korea (BOK)  pdf
           Services Statistics: Gross Domestic Product (Singapore)  pdf
           The methodology for calculating the gross output of services and VI by regions (Kazakhstan)  pdf
           Short Term Indicators in Thailand  pdf
 Module Three: Economic Tendency Surveys  
   Session 3.1: Current practices and recommendations for economic tendency surveys  
           Introduction to Economic Tendency Surveys  ppt
           Concept, implementation and use of economic tendency surveys  pdf
   Session 3.2: Economic tendencies practices (Country Presentation)  
           Major Area of Concern (Republic of Korea)  pdf
           Economic Tendency Survey (Indonesia)
           Short Term Economic Indicator
           Economic Tendency Surveys (Mongolia)  pdf
 Module Four: Business Cycle Composite Indicators  
         The Handbook for Business Cycles  ppt
         Concepts and Methods and Examples of Composite Business Cycle Indicators  pdf
         Current Situation and Prospects of the Swiss Economy  ppt
         Developing a short-term statistics implementation programme  ppt
   Country Presentations  
          The Leading Economic Indicator System of the Philippines  pdf
          Business Cycle (Cambodia)  pdf
          Short Term Economic Indicator (Fiji)  pdf
          Business Cycle Composite Indicators (Malaysia)  pdf
          Business Cycle (Nepal)  pdf
          Business cycle of Mongolia  pdf
          Business Cycle (Samoa)  pdf
          Sources, Methods and Assumptions Preliminary Estimation (Timor-Leste)  pdf
         Vietnam’s labor productivity: A look at the trend of facts through statistics  pdf