Second Sub-regional Workshop on Data and Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [ Central Asia]

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 26 to 30 September 2016


This workshop is designed to facilitate discussions and build capacity to translate into concrete terms the proposed regional vision and action areas into sub-regional and national
level actions. Specifically, the workshop will:

• Provide participants with a clear understanding of the emerging SDG indicator architecture and links and implications to existing indicator-based monitoring frameworks1 and building national statistical capacity to provide relevant data to
monitor development progress;
• Facilitate consideration and formulation of national and sub-regional implementation strategies and actions of the proposed regional framework for action; and
• Support the development of appropriate indicator frameworks for SDGs implementation by equipping participants with knowledge, skills and tools needed
for a systematic assessment and identification of data shortfalls due to inadequate disaggregation, reporting, financing and methodology.

Related Documents
 Data and statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific: outcomes of subregional consultations on the collective vision and framework for action  pdf
 Concept Note  pdf
 Daily Programme (English)  pdf
 Daily Programme (Russian)  pdf
Reference Materials
MODULE 1: SDG Overview & Progress of Global Overview and Sub-Regional Data Availability
 Session 1.1  Overview of the SDGs  pdf
 Session 1.2  Establishing th network of targets for the SDGs in Turkey  pdf
 Session 1.3  UNEP’s work on indicators and statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  pdf
 Session 1.4  Role of UNFPA in supporting SDG monitoring  pdf
 Session 1.5   Monitoring the SDGs from a Gender Perspective: UN Women’s contribution  pdf
MODULE 2: SDGs - Serving National Development Progress [Country presentations and panel discussion]
   Data and statistics for monitoring development plans in Armenia  pdf
   Data and statistics for monitoring development plans in Azerbaijan  pdf
   Planning and Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals - Azerbaijan  pdf
   Data and statistics for monitoring development plans in Georgia  pdf
   Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan: National Plans in the area of Statistics  pdf
   Current Status of Nationalization of SDGs in the Kyrgyz Republic  pdf
   SDGs implementation process in the Russian Federation  pdf
   Data and Statistics for Monitoring Development Plans in Turkey  pdf
   Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Republic of Uzbekistan  pdf
MODULE 3: Transforming official statistics: Collective vision and framework for action
 Session 3.1   Official statistics and regional collaboration for SGDs in Asia-Pacific  pdf
 Session 3.2  Action Area A  pdf
 Session 3.3  Action Area B and E  pdf
 Session 3.4 Группа D: Армения Грузия Казахстан Кыргызстан  pdf
 Session 3.5 A collective vision and framework for action  pdf
MODULE 4: Tools to Support Statistics Development in Support of the SDGs
 Session 4.1: New Data Sources and Mechanisms to support Statistics Development
 Session 4.1.1  Advanced Data Planning Tool  pdf
 Session 4.1.2  Developing/reviewing indicator framework for national development plan in Georgia  pdf
 Session 4.2: Mapping of Indicators 
 Session 4.2.1  Mapping indicators  pdf
 Session 4.2.2  Log Frames and Preparation  pdf
 Session 4.2.3  Armenia -United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2016-2020  pdf
 Session 4.2.4  Data and statistics for monitoring development plans in Georgia  pdf
 Session 4.2.5  Turkey - Mapping exercise of Development Plan/SDG  pdf
 Session 4.2.6  Mapping of Indicators across different Frameworks  pdf
 Session 4.3  Template for national strategy for action  pdf
MODULE 6: Moving forward - linking global, regional and sub-regional initiatives with national plans
 Session 6.1  Regional initiatives in support of SDG implementation in Asia-Pacific  pdf