Thirteenth session of the Governing Council of SIAP
[Chiba, Japan | 4 and 5 December 2017 ]

Information for participants [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/INF/1]  pdf
Provisional list of participants [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/INF/2/]  pdf
Provisional schedule of the meeting [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/INF/3]  pdf
Annotated provisional agenda [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/L.1]  pdf
Matters arising from the twelfth session of the Governing Council [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/1]  pdf
Report of the Director of the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/2]  pdf
         Report of the Director Presentation  ppt
         Round Table: Role of SIAP in implementing the Global indicator framework for SDGs and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  ppt
Work programme and financial plan of the Institute for 2018-2019 [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/3]  pdf
Programme of work to formulate the 2020 - 2024 strategic plan of the Institute [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/4]  pdf
         Work Programme of SIAP for 2018 and 2019  ppt
Proposed dates and venue for the fourteenth session of the Governing Council [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)/5]  pdf
Draft report [E/ESCAP/SIAP/GC(13)L.2]